Friday, June 28, 2013

The Adam and Eve Slim Pink Pleaser Waterproof Vibrating G-Spot Dildo Product Review

The adult toy industry is always expanding and coming out with new ideas, and for women who are either experienced with toys and accessories, or looking into them for the first time, this is a good thing. Those who have made use of sex toys for years can always find something new at popular stores, and those exploring new options will find plenty of variety to choose from. Here are 6 of the best sex toys currently on the market for women, as inspired by the selection of women’s toys at Adam and Eve!

Think pink with this hot hued vibrating dildo! The Eve’s Slim Pink Pleaser is a realistically shaped pleasure toy with a raised vein texture, tapered penis head tip, and adjustable speeds to customize your enjoyment. Perfect for beginners and experienced sex toy users alike, this flexible vibrator is just the right size and shape to coax out orgasm after orgasm! Waterproof and slender, it’s sure to become a favorite toy choice for late night encounters.

The Slim Pink Pleaser Vibrator is the perfect introductory vibrator for inexperienced users, and is also good for discreet flexible travel or a simple, go-to vibrator that does the job. It’s just the right size for novice users and provides great vaginal, g spot, and clitoral stimulation while still being easy to hold and soft but naughtily textured. Produced of glossy jelly, this remarkable toy glides in very easily with just a mini dab of your desired lube, and presents heaps of interesting touch for a really wild trip. The vibes extensive base is simple to keep for lavish pumping, and integral pussy ticklers at the base give even much more erotic delights. The vibrations, located close to the prime of the toy, can be rotated up, down, or off wholly by winding up and manage on the foundation. Modifications can be simply well prepared even though the toy is in use, making it possible for a speedy button to stout vibrations just ahead of you say ahhhh!

It looks like a relatively standard vibrating dildo, but this slim pink pleaser is full of little details that make it unique and especially pleasurable. From its realistic feeling material and design (featuring vein-like ridges and a defined penis head), to its manageable size and waterproof structure, the slim pink pleaser is an ideal vibrating companion. If you need a new go-to toy, this Adam and Eve vibrator is a great one to consider!

Amazingly, the slim pink pleaser is a great clitoral, vaginal, and g spot vibrator all-in-one package!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Get the Best Sex and Masturbation Lube at Adam and Eve for 50% OFF

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For the best sex, with or without sex toys, you've got to oil the wheels of your sex toys for girls a little to get everything firing, whirring, vibrating, massaging nice and smoothly on all cylinders. The worst feeling is when your dry penetrating sex toy pounds and vibrates against dry skin. Of course the plan is that things will soon get nicely lubricated without the need for lube, but with the different lubes to hit the market in the past few years being as diverse and dazzling as the sex toys for girls you need lube for, it's always a good idea to have some in the sex toy drawer. So, let me share this amazing lube from Adam And Eve.

Isn’t it time you got your dick wet? If you want a near-endless supply of slick and slippery ball-draining orgasms, you’ve got to get your hands on this big bottle of Adam & Eve Masturbation Lube! No fumbling with tubs and tubes – the big 16oz bottle is equipped with an easy pump for one-handed application. And there’s no spillage, no matter how crazy things get!

Get your hands on our slickest lube and enjoy intense solo pleasure! Use the easy pump dispenser to apply this super-slippery water based lube directly to your favorite stroker or your cock for the wettest, wildest orgasms ever! Big 15oz no-spill bottle and latex safe. Long established superior water based lube at a very reasonable price. It's slick, non-greasy and great for ladies sex toys and all your most erotic masturbation adventures!

This slick water based lube is perfect for use with your favorite stroker, male masturbator, or on nothing but skin! Its mild formula is totally safe for use with silicone, rubber, plastic, and more, and keeps everything slick longer for the most intense sex lube sessions. Need more? Just apply another pump of this water based lube. Masturbation Lube is safe to use whenever, wherever! Once again, Adam & Eve Best Masturbator Lube, perfect for partners or perfect for female sex aids, lots of slippery fun! It can be used for just about any sexual activity that you and your partner can think of. Slippery Lube For Stroke-tacular Sensations!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Buy BEST Heavy Duty Magic Wand Massager Perfect for Big Clitoral and Vaginal Orgasms

Adam and Eve, one of the world's most trusted names in relationship enhancement, brings you the Magic Wand Massager. This is the best wand massager that would deliver powerful, deep massaging vibrations through a soft, flexible massage head and EZ Bend neck. Thrill and delight at the superb stimulating sensations you will receive from the fabulous Adam and Eve Clitoral Massager, a stunning two-speed with silicone ball head and flexible neck for reaching those erotic places.

The E-Z bend neck is soft and flexible enough to hit all the right spots. The fabulous Adam and Eve Magic Massager is 12-inches in length and delivers deep and soothing stimulation all over and to all your erogenous zones to drive you bucking and writhing to climax. The design makes it easy to use alone or with your partner, and a uniquely high power motor provides exceptionally strong, yet quiet, vibration. If you're tired of vibrators that aren’t strong enough, or ones that run through batteries faster than you can enjoy them, the classic electric wand design features 120 volts of uninterrupted power for a penetration massage and total tension release. Plug it into any outlet and you are good to go any time - no batteries to worry about!

The Adam and Eve magic massager looks and performs very close to the well-known Hitachi Wand but is priced at an excellent value. It's a tantalizing sex toy that allures with its modern design and great functions. The sassy device features a thought-out vibrating construction endowed with a soft massage head for total comfort and skilful stimulation of your sensible erogenous zones. The ultra-powerful wand accessory comes complete with a unique high torque motor which generously sends waves of intense vibrations and excellent sensations. Perfect to give you amazing clitoral and vaginal orgasm.

This heavy duty massager easy to hold long handle allows you to angle the wide tip for powerful purring against the clitoris that will produce wave after wave of climaxes. Use while lying on your back, or lay on top of the tip for an array of sensations no battery powered vibrator can match! A rocker switch in the handle controls the switch between the strong “low” setting that’s adequate for most users, and the powerful “high” setting for those that like their vibes a little stronger.

The power cord measures five and a half feet for plenty of wiggle room; just plug into the wall and enjoy the massager intimately, or with a partner for sensual and relaxing massage. The flexible neck gently pivots to conform to your body’s curves, and the 2 ½ wide tip offers an erotic surface for sexual exploration. Add a dab of your favorite sex lubricant to the head and experience an amazing combination of slick glide and deep vibration. The massager’s quiet motor is more discreet than some battery operated toys on the market.

Extra Power That Doesn't Stop Until You Do!

This heavy duty massager is also great to massage your back and neck literally. So you might want to give your partner some back and neck massager first before doing the extra service.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

How to Clean Your Favorite Vibrator and Dildo with Adam and Eve’s Best Sex Toy Cleaner

With all of the different types of sex toys available, and newer, more lifelike materials continuously being created, figuring out how to best take care of your sex toys and even dildos can be a bit confusing. Though honestly, even if your personal treasure trove consists of one simple slimline vibrator, you'd still like to extend its life as long as possible, right? We're here to help!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Buyers Guide for Bree Olson Finger Bangers – Vibrating Butt Plug for the Anal Adventurer

Are you an anal beginner? Have you ever wanted to explore your backdoor, but didn’t want to be overwhelmed? Or maybe you just love a little bit of fun and travel-friendly anal stimulation or even fingering? No matter which anal adventurer you are, Bree Olson’s Finger Bangers are the cute and fun vibrating anal plugs for you!

Vibrating butt plugs are ideal for those who want to make their anal sex more intense and pleasurable. Many anal toys come with a vibrating function for added pleasure, which makes anal sex smoother and more arousing. Vibrating anal plugs are usually slimmer than the regular toys, so they make a good option for those who enjoy the pleasures associated with anal stimulation.

Bree Olson Finger Bangers

So introduce your ass to Bree Olson’s favorites! Each of these mini compact 2-inch vibrating anal plugs is soft, tapered, and uniquely shaped to slide right in and electrify your pucker! The Bree Olson Finger Banger comes in one of several assorted colors, each with a corresponding shaft design that includes fun ridges and nubs for extra pleasure; perfect for anal fingering. Just thread your finger through the ring at the bottom of your plug, add your favorite lube (great with Adam & Eve’s anal lube!), and get ready for shivering-good anal sensations!

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