Monday, July 29, 2013

Royal Rabbit Sex Toy Vibrator Kit – 7-in-1 Package 50% OFF Sale

Are you ready to experience the 'magnificent seven' of sex toys?

Say hello to the real magnificent 7! The Royal Rabbit Kit contains everything you need to have the night (or whenever, really) of your life. With seven sex toys in one kit, this purple Royal Rabbit Kit will satisfy the most royal of fantasies! Very popular kit that includes just about every category of sex toys available at Adam & Eve. This is great vibrator kit that contains a little bit of everything to keep you entertained. Firstly you get a slim line vibrator and a choice of two different sleeves. The first is a rabbit and the second is a nubby. As well as this you get a solid real feel dong, a pair of duo balls, a silicone cock ring and a set of graduated anal beads.

The Royal Rabbit Kit includes seven magnificent items of pure gratifying pleasure. The multi-speed, silver vibe and two sleeves will satisfy your deepest yearnings. Try the translucent dong for the feel of realistic sexual enjoyment. Place the textured cockring on your lover and the sensation will tickle and excite your vagina and clit with each thrust. The graduated anal beads bring erotic taboo excitement while the thrill balls can tantalize your vagina or anus for a little something different.

A classic Multi-Speed Silver Vibrator that slides in deep while delivering powerful vibrations throughout your body. When you’re ready for something a little different, the Rabbit Vibrator Sleeve slips over your toy to provide you with extra clitoral stimulation. The Studded Vibrator Sleeve slips over your vibe to stimulate your entire vagina as you pump away! And when you’re tired of vibrations, the Purple Dong delivers the thick filling sensation you’ve been craving!

The Textured Cock Ring slips around his penis to take your love-making to new heights! By restricting the blood flow to his penis, this snug-fitting ring helps maintain his erection while delaying ejaculation. Also, experience a special treat with a pair of Ben-Wa Balls! Just slip them inside and squeeze daily to strengthen your Kegel muscles and leave your guy at your mercy! And finally, the Anal Beads, start off small to let you adjust but quickly grow in size to give you a dirty and challenging thrill!

Better than the Royal Guards! The Royal Rabbit Kit includes 7 magnificent items of pure, gratifying pleasure. This royal regimen makes a deeply satisfying starter kit!

So, stop wasting your time and money buying adult toys one at a time, when you get everything you need for playtime in this hot little kit!

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Butterfly Vibrator – Waterproof Wireless Venus Butterfly 50% OFF w/ FREE Shipping

Strap into this vibe for an amazing hands-free orgasmic experience! The world famous Venus Butterfly is now waterproof and remote controlled!

Take your partner on a hot date and drive her wild as you tease her for hours on end with this Remote Control Venus Butterfly Vibrator! With a fifteen-foot range, your lover can send you soaring without touching you!

The Remote Control Waterproof Venus Butterfly is all you need for a powerful hands-free orgasmic experience! Simply attach the fully adjustable waist and thigh straps and insert the removable vibrating egg into the butterfly case. The egg may be used with or without the Venus Butterfly. The 7 function remote control allows you to select from an array of vibration speeds, including pulsation and escalation. The butterfly vibrator tickles and teases like nothing else! The antennae dance all over her clit, while the wings flutter over her pussy lips. And you can even wear this discreet vibrator under your clothes for fun in public. With the wireless remote, your lover can surprise you for hours on end with playful vibrations when you’re less expecting it – like when you’re talking with the waiter or in the middle of a movie. Or you can just wear it around the house for a shocking buzz in the middle of your favorite TV show!

This famous hands-free clitoral stimulator is a real legend. This unique strap-on vibrator features an egg bullet encased in a soft, textured butterfly that nestles against your clit for incredible stimulation, whenever and wherever you want! Discreet enough to wear under clothing, the Venus Butterfly vibrations can be controlled with the wireless remote from up to 15 feet away for a very adventurous night out. The vibe features seven titillating functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation so you're sure to find the sensation that sends you over the edge! There are 7 different vibration speeds and patterns for you to try. Simply use the wireless remote to cycle through all the different options and turn the vibrator on and off. Bear in mind that objects between the remote and the vibrator can reduce that range.

Float away to ecstasy! The butterfly vibrator is waterproof so you can wear it in the pool or in the shower, but the controller is not so make sure your partner stays out of the water! The only butterfly that loves getting wet!

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Monday, July 22, 2013

New Sex Toys for Women – Intimates Personal Pleasurizer

Whether you are looking for a vibrator to massage your Grams Spot, tickle your pussy or tease your clit, this sex toy kit has a vibrator to fit every taste! And there’s even one for a little backdoor excitement!

This small yet powerful G-Spot vibrator provides amazing internal massage along with incredible clitoral stimulation at the same time! Compact enough to guide with one hand, the wide tip is tilted on an angle to slide in easily and right up against the G-Spot. The cup beneath the vibrator’s short shaft is filled with lots of small flexible ticklers and a thick raised front edge. These two details combine to treat your clitoris to pleasurable sensations as you move this hot little sex toy in and out. Directly beneath the shaft and clitoral cup, a powerful egg vibrator transmits vibrations up the shaft and throughout the toy with easily adjustable speed.

Targeting both your G Spot and clit as well, this vibrator does it all! The enlarged tip allows you to find and continually massage your G Spot even inside heat of the moment. A cup on top of the vibrator is filled with smallish ticklers to hug your clit as they simply tickle and tease your love nub. The A&E Intimates Personal Pleasurizer Vibrator actions 6 inches long and 1 inch wide and is constructed from jelly for a soft and comfy feel.

The clear jelly material is soft and flexible for comfort, while still being firm enough for erotic exploration. The lower part of the toy makes an excellent handle, even if hands are slippery, enabling the user to relax and guide the tip to the G-Spot. Compatible with all types of lubricant, try it along with your favorite brand for silky smooth fun! The dial controller, directly wired into the toy, is easy to use with just a fingertip, freeing your other hand to position the vibrator right where you want it. Just turn the dial to the left or right to enjoy any setting from a gentle purr to a climax coaxing buzz.

The short stem makes this an ideal toy for first time sex toy users, or those who are looking to discover the wonders of G-Spot play. The angle and length ensure you'll hit the right spot every time, while the clit ticklers offer a little extra sensual sizzle!

Dual G-Spot Vibrator And Clit Vibrator!

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Best Price for Venus Butterfly Vibrator 50% OFF FREE Shipping Enter Coupon Code REVIEW50 at checkout to get 50% OFF on almost ANY item plus 3 FREE Hot DVDs, a FREE Mystery gift and FREE Shipping on your entire order!

The One & Only Original Just Got Better!

Before there was the rabbit vibrator, there was the Butterfly vibrator...and there's nothing like wearing an Original Venus Butterfly, alone or with a partner. Your clit will flutter and as the Butterfly vibrator nestles and flickers against your mound!

The "Original" Venus Butterfly Massager uniquely stimulates the most sensitive part of the female anatomy with its soft and supple design. It nestles between the vaginal lips and cradles the clitoris for the ultimate orgasmic experience. This sex toy is made for hands free clitoral and labial stimulation and it does a grand old job! The Venus Butterfly consists of a rubber butterfly that is 3” long and 3” wide. The butterfly itself is pink, sparkly, and pretty. The rubber is strong and durable, yet soft and flexible. Tucked inside (it’s not removable) is a powerful egg vibrator.

The Butterfly lands perfectly on your erogenous zone thanks to adjustable straps made from soft, durable fabric –– you can even wear it under your clothes. Set the thumbwheel controller with just one hand and get ready to fly with this wild women’s sex toy! For the woman who wants stimulation from a vibrator without having to hold on to it, the hands-free experience of the Original Venus Butterfly vibrator is perfect –– and unique.

Venus Butterfly was developed exclusively for women. This unique pleasure device can be worn anywhere, providing maximum freedom of use, even in public, yet allowing ultimate privacy. It is specifically intended to stimulate the most sensitive parts of the female anatomy. The continuous control wire remote power pack can easily be slipped into a pocket. Adjustable straps fit comfortably around the waist and legs and the unit comes ready for use. The Venus Butterfly massager will turn an ordinary day into an exciting erotic adventure.

The Butterfly stays in place thanks to soft fabric leg and waist straps. It’s like wearing a G-string or garters with a small personal vibrator attached to the garment. Besides giving you freedom of movement –– you can even walk around or parade for your lover while wearing the Butterfly as it sends vibrations to your love mound –– this style of sex toy design has caught on because the entire female genital area is stimulated.

The Venus Butterfly provides targeted stimulation to the clitoris, while leaving your hands free to play with a dildo or partner. The Venus Butterfly can be worn during partner sex for unrivaled clitoral pleasure. The Butterfly vibrates at a pleasurable hum.

Alone or as a couple, the Original Venus Butterfly vibrator is fun, before and during sex!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Clitoral Vibrator – Lia Pleasure O Mini Silicone Stimulator 50% OFF FREE Shipping

Turn yourself on all day long with the Lia Pleasure O! Lasso your clit with 10 intense vibration levels! Show off your cowgirl skills as you loop this special vibrator around your clit and nipples!

Lia Pleasure O Vibrators have a unique pleasure tip designed to perfectly stimulate the clitoris and labia. The looped tip is what separates this clitoral vibrator from the pack! The loop is large enough to encircle your most prominent erogenous zones, like your clit and nipples, and surround them with powerful and intense vibrations. The loop itself vibrates at very high frequencies – providing stronger and more consistent stimulation than the typical ears found on a rabbit vibrator.

You'll be reaching orgasm in no time flat with the Lia Pleasure O. This is from the Lia Mini-Massager Collection, which features a range of clitoral vibrators designed to tickle the clitoris with soft silicone. The material used to create this top of the line vibrator is pure silicone, which is discreet and capable of curving and bending with your body. The vibrator motor is quieter than average, giving you the discreetness you need to enjoy this sex toy even in a crowded household. The vibrator features 10 different settings for you to try out until you discover you’re favorite orgasm-inducing combination! A LED in the base flashes in sync with the current vibration setting.

There’s nothing mini about the exhilarating vibrations delivered from this powerful, high quality pleasure machine. The O ring cuddles the clitoris in all the right places and ten different settings allow you to experience rapid vibrations or longer, pulsing sensations that are easily adjusted with a simple touch of a button. The shaft gives way to pleasure tips that provide powerful stimulation and vibrations. A special water-tight seal protects the silicone vibrator’s battery compartment from getting wet – letting you safely use this clitoral vibrator in the shower or pool for some wet and wild fun! You'll be able to drift away with pleasure when you use this simple yet powerful little massager, either alone or with your partner of choice. The unique tips are what really make it stand out!

Why try? The Pleasure O generates different sensations than a traditional silicone vibrator because the ring really wraps around the clitoris. When’s the last time your entire clit was pulsing with pleasure? After trying the Pleasure O, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! Of course the pleasure O can also be used for internal stimulation and the flexible material literally bends into whatever position turns you on!

Whether you’re looking for internal stimulation, external vibrations, or a fun toy to share with your partner, the Pleasure O delivers a bang for your buck!

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Glass Dildo – Small Vaginal Crystal Teaser Glass Dildo 50% OFF

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You can never have too much cock fun on this so real glass dildo. It will keep you playing for hours on end whether by yourself or with a partner!

Experience new sensations and harder insertion with a glass dildo, reinforced for strength, it can be heated or cooled to your preference and is completely body safe. The Crystal Teaser Glass Dildo is perfect for beginners to glass and lovers of glass alike. This petite glass dildo comes covered with raised ridges and swirls to enhance your pleasures during penetration, while the specially curved tip is great for teasing your prostate. Like any glass sex toy, you can heat it up or cool it down to add to your fun!

The Adam & Eve Crystal Teaser Glass Dildo is a glass dildo made by Adam & Eve. About five inches long with a diameter of slightly over an inch, this glass dildo features texture along the shaft and the head of the dildo. Completely clear, the dildo also features a red velvet bag to work as storage. At the tip of this glass dildo, there’s a slight g-spot curve.

The design for the texture of this dildo is pretty basic too. It includes small, miniature designs running the length of the dildo. Near the tip of the dildo, there’s small ridging that is supposed to look semi-realistic like the head of a penis. It’s perfectly safe for vaginal use. The dildo is pretty small in diameter for most people for vaginal use, but there are some people who enjoy smaller diameter dildos. In particular, I can see this being very pleasurable if larger toys cause anxiety or pain to you or if you’ve been regularly using dialators to work on penetration. For that, this glass dildo works wonderfully because it’s pretty small in diameter and extremely easy to insert. Since it’s glass and not plastic like many dialators, I’d even argue that it’s easier to insert than many dialators.

The discreet size is the perfect introduction to the properties of glass toys as well as being the perfect travel companion. The slight curve of the tip is great for Gspot exploration and the delicate ribbing and side details provide exquisite sensations. It's 5" of paradise for your pussy or ass, with a 1 ¾" shaft to give you that full feeling. And the size of this dildo is perfect for anal play for everyone from beginners to experienced anal fans.

The Adam & Eve Crystal Teaser Glass Dildo is made to please. Reaching the G Spot, you'll feel as though you're in heaven. This glass dildo sure has a unique funky design and pleasure, you just as much as looking good. You are sure to get a thrill with this glass dildo. Not only do this great glass dildo offer stimulation it look fantastic, with modern, fun style.

Smooth, Sleek Glass Dildo Will Drive you Wild!

So, there's no reason for you not to shop it today at
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Monday, July 8, 2013

Adam and Eve Toys Best Vibrating Silver Bullet Vibrator 50% OFF w/ FREE Shipping Get 50% OFF when you use the Coupon Code REVIEW50 upon checkout at Plus you will also receive FREE DVDs, a FREE Mystery Gift, and FREE Shipping on your entire order.

When you want to spice things up, you have a lot to choose from and you don't have to spend much. We would call them cheap sex toys, but they are really high quality sex toys that are offered at great prices! Give your clit or any other erogenous zone a real workout with this powerful silver bullet vibrator!

This classic vibrating egg/bullet is popular for total and all over stimulation. Can be used during intercourse for the pleasure of both of you. You'll both stay up all night discovering new ways to enjoy it! Even once you've graduated to other stimulators, every girl should keep a silver bullet in her "bedside" drawer. It's very versatile and can be used alone, together or in conjunction with oral sex on him and on her. Every girl should own for your car and one for your bedroom. This toy is a great stress reliever and can be used many many ways. There's no wrong way to use this vibrator. Great gift, too.

Designed for clitoral stimulation, the silver bullet vibrator can reach easily all over your body to tease your nipples, feet and other erogenous zones. The bullet sends vibrations to your most sensitive spots to both arouse and titillate you – making it a great tool for foreplay or masturbation. The bullet vibrator can also be used as a massager to relax your stiff muscles. Or you can use the vibrator with other sex toys, including male masturbators, love dolls, butt plugs and even dildos for extra stimulation.

The Silver Bullet is likely one of the most well-known vibrators. This super versatile toy can be used for clitoral stimulation, vaginal and anal penetration, testicle stimulation, nipple stimulation and the list goes on and on. One of the most perfectly simple toys, a great toy for beginners and a great toy for women who have difficulty having an orgasm. A great toy for couples as it's very simple to integrate this small toy into your love making. The vibrator features fully adjustable speeds ranging from a soothing and relaxing low that’s perfect for massages to a super-charged high sure to get you off quick! The dial control is easy to use and super responsive to keep up with your changes. And the dial is on both sides of the controller to make it convenient for everyone whether you’re left- or right-handed.

The bullet vibrator and controller are made from plastic, making your sex toy hard and durable. The rigid material is excellent at transmitting vibrations so you don’t lose any power, and it also makes the vibrator a useful massager. Bullets and eggs are really versatile. You can rub and tap or flick and swirl them around or against yourself and (with a condom), vaginal insertion is possible, too. Because of its small size and inconspicuous appearance, you can easily keep this under the bed, between the mattresses, in a drawer of your nightstand or dress or even in your purse of bag which makes bullets ideal for travel, parties and whatnot.

Give your clit or any other erogenous zone a real workout with this powerful silver bullet vibrator! Make your clit & nipples tingle!

Friday, July 5, 2013 Best Powerful Clitoral Vibrator and Stimulator – Consumer Report

The Adam & Eve Clit Dancer...simply the most powerful discreet massager in the world! Designed to stimulate the clitoris and other sensual spots, this toy is made for external use, not for insertion.

The Adam & Eve Clit Dancer is a great sex toy that allows for discreet, quiet but powerful stimulation. A great toy for anyone to have for stimulating the clitoral, nipples, anus and penis. A fun way to spice things up even when traveling. Discreet and easy to carry, this handy mini vibrator is perfect for men and women on the go who need a vibrator that can keep up with their hectic schedule. The vibrator’s slim shape and massager-style design mean you can easily carry it in your purse or luggage. With its massager-styled design, no one will suspect that it’s actually a vibrator – making it very discreet and perfect for traveling.

It's small to fit in a pocket or purse, yet delivers for emergency orgasms! You might venture to more elaborate and powerful toys, but you will always come back to ol' reliable. The four tips slip over the head of the masturbator to offer you a wide range of different sensations and stimulation. The rounded tip is great for teasing your pussy. The small nubbed tip provides texture to help stimulate your clit. The graduated tips help concentrate vibration on one central point for greater pleasure. And the ring of tips is great for massaging all over your body.

The vibrator has one speed, so you don’t have to mess around with buttons to find the one you like. The motor is located in the tip, giving you maximum power and stimulation with each touch so you can get the most out of the single speed. Many of the women that enjoy a vibrator love the small, vibrators because they are discreet, and easily used solo or with a partner. They are a hit because of the power for their size and thus made for amazing clitoris stimulation. However several of our female customers love using it for nipple and anus stimulation as well.

The sex toy features a watertight ring so you can enjoy it in the shower or pool. And the watertight seal means you can clean it without worrying about water leaking inside. Just be careful how you twist the vibrator. If you twist it too far in the shower, you can open it up and expose the battery to water. The mini vibrator measures 4 inches long and 1 inch across. The sex toy is made from plastic, giving it a firm feeling for better massages and enhanced durability. A special coating makes the vibrator feel softer on your clit and other sensitive spots. The base twists to turn the vibrator on and off. Just keep twisting to open the vibrator’s battery compartment.

Adam and Eve recommend the Clit Dancer Mini Vibrator for women to use for clit stimulation and for couples to use during foreplay and sex. Play rub-a-dub-dub with your clit in the tub all over the world thanks to this discreet waterproof vibrator!

Mini vibrator dances over your clit and entire body! Includes 4 interchangeable attachments for variety!

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Weird-Looking Nirvana 350 Clitoral and G-Spot Triple Stimulator Consumer Review

The best weird-looking Nirvana 350 Vibrator, triple stimulator sex toy for women. Two bullets to entice, for an experience that is twice as nice! Nirvana 350 is a bag of tricks where you are only limitation is your imagination!

This best clitoral stimulator is specially designed for pleasure with a curved tip to massage your G-Spot and bulging shaft to please every inch of your pussy! The clitoral stimulator is covered with dozens of pleasure nubs to rub and tickle your love bud with powerful vibrations until your knees are shaking! And you can use the super-slim anal stimulator for teasing your backdoor or slip it inside for a spine-tingling taboo thrill!

Made from pure silicone that is pliable and soft to the touch while remaining extremely hygienic and durable. There are two different motors inside this best vibrator – one near the tip of the vaginal stimulator and the other in the clitoral stimulator. This provides your two most sensitive erogenous zones with the strongest possible stimulation to help you orgasm faster than ever! Each motor boosts three different speed settings for you to try. The Nirvana 350 is made using phthalate free, non-toxic materials Silicone shaft, ABS plastic base. Pussy plus, double rabbit, dual penetrator, vibrating sex toy for women.

This best clitoral stimulator is completely waterproof so you can enjoy it almost anywhere. A little vibrator fun is a great way to wake up during your morning shower. Or you can relax after a long day in the pool or hot tub with your vibrator for some wet & wild fun!

The multi-function vibrator measures 1 inch across at its widest point and 7.75 inches long, with up to 5.5 inches insertable. The clit stimulator measures 1 inch wide and 2 inches long, and the anal stimulator measures 0.5 inch wide and 2.75 inches long. The vibrator is made using silicone, one of the safest materials for your body available. Silicone is completely free of any harmful chemicals or ingredients as well as being non porous so it won’t pick up dust or grime once you clean it. Silicone is soft, durable and completely hypoallergenic so even people with sensitive skin can use it.

Clitoral, G-Spot, and anal stimulation to drive you wild! This weird multi-function vibrator adds a tantalizing effect. Sexy, smooth ergonomic shape feels great! Adam and Eve recommend the Nirvana 350 Stimulator for women to use for solo fun and for couples to use during foreplay.

While other vibrators focus entirely on one erogenous zone, this best weird multi-function vibrator powerhouse targets three at once to leave you screaming in no time! Multiple stimulators triple your thrills!

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