Friday, August 9, 2013

The Crystal Jellies Best Anal Butt Plug for Beginners

If you're looking for a non-intimidating toy to use to begin exploring anal play, then this Anal Starter is the perfect fit!

The Crystal Jellies Anal Starter dildo is the easiest way to explore ass fun! It starts small with a shaft that's just 1" wide –– insert up to 5" of it if you dare! It has the right size and firmness to open up your rear’s rosebud. The Crystal Jellies Anal Starter is the ideal tool for first time anal adventurers. Its extra slim realistic shape allows for easy insertion and withdrawal. Extra long shaft puts you firmly in control. Features heavily veined shaft and wide base to prevent accidents.

For anyone just beginning to explore anal, this non threatening, slim little dildo from the Crystal Jellies line is a great choice. It's styled realistically, with a very tapered head for easy, comfortable insertion, and some subtle ridges and texture down the slender shaft that very gradually enlarges. A widely flared suction cup base makes the Anal Starter safe and able to be attached to almost any smooth flat surface for hands free use, and the clear jelly rubber has lots of 'give' and is nice and flexible for comfortable positioning. It's the perfect way to for beginners to ease into anal play, but any anal enthusiast will enjoy this little gem. As with any anal toy, you'll want to use lots and lots of lube for the most pleasure and comfort, use a rubber compatible (water based) formula with this toy.

A great value, you're not paying so much in case you discover backdoor shenanigans isn't for you. But if you find you do enjoy the tantalizing stimulation of the Crystal Jellies Anal Starter dildo, then what a deal! From the curious newbie to the enthusiastic expert, everyone can experience anal fun with this smooth anal dildo! It's lightly rippled with vein texturs on its surface, just run your finger over it.

If you are a novice in anal sex, this popular seller is an ideal introduction into the special pleasures of the art. Men of all ages and walks of life have been giving this toy a five star rating for almost 10 years, and for good reason. The shape is quite realistic yet it is slim enough not to cause discomfort for the casual or new user. The shaft features heavy ribs which add to the stimulation and decadence. It is not limited to just male on male use. Both male and females compliment the toy for heterosexual fun. Though it looks small at first, to those new to anal play the size of any dildo can be a challenge! Just use plenty of water-based lube or specially formulated anal lube, and consider using a condom over it to keep your anal plug in pristine condition. Then, on your own or with a partner, just relax and explore! Give yourself plenty of time and go as slowly as you like – anal play is the most pleasurable without a time limit.

The Crystal Jellies Anal Starter dildo is a great sex toy for a partner introducing their lover to the joys of anal. After all, nothing says you’re game like starting small. So, satisfy your curiosity! A dildo designed, shaped and priced perfectly for anyone who's just thinking about butt fun! Slather on water-based lube and insert up to 5" of the 1" wide starter toy!

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